The 7 Best Baby Oil of 2022
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Babies are very sensitive creatures and baby skin is one of their most sensitive organs. It’s no surprise, then, that there are so many products on the market-oriented towards baby skin care. Various moisturizers, such as lotions, creams, and baby oils, among others, all help to keep the baby skin hydrated and healthy throughout their early development.

Babies can’t take care of their own skin, which means you’ll have to do it for them, making sure to pick out the best and most convenient product currently on the market. And that’s precisely what we attempt to do with this product guide - give you a varied selection of the possible products on baby skin care. Here you can find info and recommendations on products that contain the highest quantity of natural ingredients, the ones that are most budget-friendly for money-restricted parents, and also products that are specially designed for super sensitive skin.

We believe in variety, and that there’s a special product for everybody. And so, if you go carefully through our list, you’re bound to find something that’ll catch your eye and that’ll be the perfect fit for your little one’s skin. If not, you can always return to the list and try out another product - sometimes it takes a couple of tries to get the right fit, don’t get discouraged!

Make sure to go through our FAQ section below for any questions you might want answered on baby oil.

100% Natural
Burt's Bees Baby Nourishing Oil
Burt's Bees Baby Nourishing Oil
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Best for Super-Sensitive Skin
Coconut Essentials Baby Organic Moisturizer
Coconut Essentials Baby Organic Moisturizer
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Mountain Falls  Baby Oil
Mountain Falls Baby Oil
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The Best Baby Oil List

  • Baby Oil Rub by Shea Moisture
  • Moisturizing Oil by Cetaphil Baby
  • Calendula Baby Oil by Earth Mama
  • Baby Oil by Elizabeth Parker Naturals
  • Nourishing Oil by Burt's Bees Baby
  • Baby Organic Moisturizer by Coconut Essentials
  • Baby Oil by Mountain Falls

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Baby Oil by Mountain Falls

The Mountain Falls baby oil is not one of the best-known baby oils out there, but that’s not necessarily a minus. Sometimes underdog products such as this one, standing far away from the hype, can deliver the best results, making them suitable to just any household that has welcomed a newborn. Pediatrician and dermatologist tested, this product is free from the usual boogymen ingredients such as phthalate, parabens, formaldehyde, as well as Quaternium 15. Formulated to be hypoallergenic, the Mountain Falls is another baby oil that has earned its place in our carefully selected baby products lists. Like any good oil, the Mountain Falls successfully helps to seal in moisture on the baby’s skin, making it and maintaining it silky and smooth all throughout the day. With a natural scent of lavender, a natural ingredient famous for its soothing and relaxing skin properties, your baby will smell fresh and stay moisturized all day long. Coming in a pack of four bottles, the Mountain Falls baby oil is an extremely affordable product that can easily become a part of every daily baby skin care routine, regardless of the economic situation of the parents. And if you want a little extra good info, the Mountain Falls might just steal your animal-friendly heart - the company policy is very explicit in stating that no Mountain Falls baby products are ever tested on animals.

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Best for Super-Sensitive Skin

Baby Organic Moisturizer by Coconut Essentials

Even though it’s a bit pricy, this baby oil is still part of the Amazon’s Choice list. This means that in terms of what it offers and how effective it is, in combination with its price, it’s a pretty good deal overall. The Coconut Baby is a baby oil specifically formulated for baby skin that is extra-sensitive and that is plagued by several skin disorders such as cradle cap, eczema, psoriasis, and diaper rash. With its carefully blended ingredients, it’s no wonder the Coconut Baby does wonders to sensitive skin! Its main types of oil are: organic cold pressed coconut oil, stemmed from organic, farm-grown coconuts and cold pressed which allows it to retain all its natural benefits; organic sunflower oil, with all its wonderful anti-inflammatory properties and its naturally-sourced vitamin E; grape seed oil, which also has anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants, working wonders with a whole set of skin troubles (eczema, wrinkles, dark spots, diaper rash). What’s more, the Coconut baby can also be used on adults with super-sensitive skin, treating and alleviating the effects of psoriasis, eczema, adult cradle cap and any general type of redness or irritation spontaneously or sporadically occurring on the skin. It has also been proved beneficial in treating stretch marks, which we know a lot of new moms out there will be very happy about if they decide to get this product. No artificial chemicals included, this baby oil is also very light in texture, which means you won’t have to worry that it will cause any additional problems for clogged pores. And don’t get us started on the Amazon reviews! Lines after lines of 5-star reviews, parents have hailed the Coconut baby oil for especially helping their little ones with their eczema and cradle cap. So if your baby is also fighting an annoying, but treatable skin condition, then this is definitely the perfect product for you.

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100% Natural

Nourishing Oil by Burt's Bees Baby

Burt’s Bees products have been a regular name in some of our lists covering baby skin and hair care products. This one’s no exception as well, precisely because the Burt’s Bees company have proved their worth and effectiveness time and again. No surprise then, that it’s on Amazon’s Choice recommendations as well, although we have to say it is one of the more expensive products on our list. Nevertheless, Burt’s Bees will do the job more than well when it comes to nurturing your little one’s skin and keeping it safe from irritation and dryness. It’s a 100% natural baby oil that soothes even the most delicate of skin, made carefully without any ingredients that might cause potential allergies or skin irritations. Rich in antioxidants and nutrients such as apricot (kernel) oil, grape seed oil, sunflower seed oil, rosemary leaf extract, beta-carotene, and canola oil, there’s no doubt that with its ability to lock in moisture, this emollient will make sure your baby’s skin remains supple and soft all throughout its use. You also won’t have to worry about any controversial artificial chemical substances of the likes of SLS, parabens, petrolatum, and phthalates. Just add it in the bath water or directly apply it to the baby’s skin after a bath and you’ll see how your little nugget will radiate with a divine natural smell of apricots without any added synthetic fragrances.

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Baby Oil by Elizabeth Parker Naturals

This baby oil from Elizabeth Parker Naturals may be one from a lesser known brand, but that doesn’t make it not worth mentioning. Compared to other products of its type, granted, it is more expensive, but it does come with its own set of benefits. The effectiveness of nourishing oils is in large part owed to how they’re mixed, blended and combined with each other, and, we have to say, the Elizabeth Parker baby oil passes this test quite well! With its powerful blend of vitamins and essential nurturing oils, this particular baby oil manages to nurture, maintain and repair the baby skin at the same time. Formulated to successfully affect several ways of skin treatment, it's highly effective as a nourishing oil against dry and itchy skin, as well as chapped skin, skin prone to rashes, eczema and psoriasis. This baby oil is also recommended to be used before bedtime, because of its soothing properties, among which are several highly beneficial oils such as apricot, grapeseed, sunflower calendula, castor, and lavender essential oil, as well as the presence of vitamin A and E and rosemary extract. The use of natural and organic ingredients leaves absolutely no room for the controversial, synthetic ones such as various chemicals, mineral oils, petroleum, fragrances, and other irritants. If you’re prepared to spend a little bit more than usual and want to try a new product that’s still not that well know, but definitely promising, then we absolutely recommend you try this one!

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Baby Oil Rub by Shea Moisture

If you’re a fan of using products that are based on shea butter, or have it as one of their main ingredients, then maybe this will be your favorite baby oil from our list. Shea butter is the main ingredient that this product uses as an effective emollient and we won’t hesitate to say that it actually works magic for the skin. Shea butter was proved to be extremely beneficial for the skin in three ways: by providing enough moisture with its natural vitamins and fatty acids, protecting the natural oils of the skin; the other way is by reducing inflammation - this is enabled by its cinnamic acid content, which has anti-inflammatory properties (this also makes it a good product for people with acne); the third way in which it helps the skin is by aiding its natural collagen production - the contents of stearic, oleic palmitic, and linolenic acids all help in the protection and nourishment of the skin to prevent further drying. Now, having this in mind, we’re sure you wonder why you haven’t used shea butter your whole life! But, besides shea butter, this baby oil contains additional organic, natural and beneficial ingredients for the delicate baby skin. In fact, this product is packed with nourishments like chamomile oil and argan oil which is similar in effect to the shea butter, rich in all the essential vitamins that are good for baby skin - here we especially pick out vitamin E, a great skin moisturizer enhancer, as well as a stimulant for the baby’s nervous system, helping to relax their muscles and allowing them a better, restful sleep. Along with the myrrh and honeysuckle natural fragrance, this makes it a perfect option for massaging sessions before bed which we’re sure your baby will enjoy!

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Moisturizing Oil by Cetaphil Baby

Cetaphil is definitely a trusted brand when it comes to baby skin and hair care products. With a special formula for super-sensitive skin, this baby oil is perfect for those massaging sessions in the evening after a nice bath to gently ease your little one into falling asleep. With its moisturizing formula, the Cetaphil baby oil will make sure to protect the baby’s skin from dryness, keeping it soft and hydrated long after it’s applied. The Cetaphil baby oil is made with carefully selected ingredients that won’t cause any irritation or rashes on the already very delicate and sensitive baby skin. This means you that none of the dubious substances such as mineral oil, colorants or parabens will enter your baby’s system through their skin. The calming effect of the organic calendula, the softening effect of the sweet almond oil and the sunflower oil work in perfect combination to nourish the gentle baby skin, while also working to strengthen it, keep it protected, making sure it won’t lose any of that wonderful, silky luster. With a lot of praises from Amazon customer reviewers, this is one of the most popular products on our list. Some customers say they use it every day, some say a couple of times a week - it all depends on the specificities of the skin of your little one. It’s also a very convenient product for moms and adults in general, which means that, while getting one for your bub, you’ll actually get a great skin product for the whole family. Don’t hesitate, your skin will thank you as well!

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Calendula Baby Oil by Earth Mama

The Earth Mama is another name that has circulated our lists, a successful company that has always maintained good quality products, primarily focusing on skincare for babies and mommies. The Earth Mama products are made with natural, organic ingredients and this one’s definitely no exception. The main nourishing ingredient in the Earth Mama baby oil is a calendula-infused grape seed baby oil blend that effectively moisturizes and protects the delicate baby skin. This blend of calendula and grape seed oil helps to make the skin softer and more elastic, while also managing to protect your little one’s skin from sun damage. It’s recommended that you use this baby oil for baby massages, on their whole body, but also on particular dry spots, such as the scalp for example, which can often get irritated and cause unwanted discomfort for the baby. And because the natural, lustrous, baby skin also requires natural products for its nourishment, this baby oil, like all the others on our list, also doesn’t include any petroleum, parabens, mineral oil or artificial fragrance. Some moms will be very happy to hear that this product contains no fragrances whatsoever, not even naturally induced ones, so if your baby has extra-sensitive skin and sense of smell, and you want to make extra sure that it doesn’t get further irritated by any kind of scent (sometimes even the scent can cause irritation, usually because of various irritating chemicals hidden under the name ‘fragrance’), then maybe you will want to consider this particular option. We also don’t want to forget to mention that this product is used in hospitals for infant massages on babies in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), which gives an additional layer of credibility and dimension of trust to the Earth Mama products.

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What is baby oil used for?

Baby oil is a type of baby skin moisturizer which is supposed to keep the baby skin soft, supple and also protect it from irritation, such as, for example, diaper rash, one of the commonest ones.

Some baby oils are designed specifically for super-sensitive baby skin and their formulas are made to fight more serious skin conditions such as eczema, cradle cap, psoriasis, and the less serious, diaper rash.

When should I use baby oil?

Baby oil is a baby skincare product that acts as a moisturizer or a soothing, softening agent for the baby’s skin.

You can put baby oil in the bathwater during the regular baby baths, or you can also apply it immediately after you finish bathing your little one, and maybe even do a gentle massage before bedtime, for better, sounder baby sleep.

What ingredients should I look for in baby oil?

It’s best to look for baby oil that contains natural emollients such as coconut oil, and also anti-inflammatory ingredients of the likes of vitamin E, grape seed oil, sunflower oil, and others. Lavender oil and calendula extracts act as great soothing, natural agents for dry baby skin.

Avoid products that contain SLS (sodium laureth sulfate), parabens or phthalate.



Baby skin gets dry - a lot - which is why new parents sometimes need the help of moisturizers such as baby oil. In this product guide, we tried to give you the best of the best and hopefully saved you some time and energy when it comes to choosing a product for your child. We know how great the care of parents is when it comes to their babies, and how much they want only what’s best for them. That’s why we try to select as many products with natural ingredients as possible, ones that will protect your baby’s skin from absorbing too many synthetic chemicals and other unwanted ingredients.  

Baby skin is not something to mess around with and you’ll definitely have a happier and healthier baby if you take good and regular care of it for them!


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