The 5 Best Baby Strollers of 2022

Community Curated • Updated 03, 2019

So you’re thinking about getting a (new) baby stroller? Maybe you scrolled a little on the internet, looked at the vast amount of products out there, and got a little dizzy? Yeah, we thought so! 

With so many brands selling baby products nowadays, buying baby essentials has become rather difficult. Precisely because of the vast choice you have, how do you know what’s good and what’s not? 

When buying a baby stroller, you have to think of it as buying a car for your baby, which means it’s a pretty responsible decision. It has to be super-safe and super-durable, it has to have the right bells and whistles to ensure your little one is comfy and secure in their seat, at all times, no matter the conditions outside. 

And, as with any car out there, baby strollers also come in various sizes and models, some more, some less expensive. 

We’re here to guide you through the best baby strollers currently on the market. In this guide, we’ve also included an FAQ section where you’ll find all your questions answered when it comes to baby strollers. 

Regarding the products we’ve selected, there’s plenty of choice for everyone! You’ll be able to find pricier models if you’re one of those parents who are prepared to splurge a little extra on more premium products. But there are budget-friendly options as well, for the parents who want the essential security and comfort in a baby stroller, but also want to save a couple of bucks in the process.

So, continue reading and begin your baby stroller journey! 

#1 Best Selling Jogging Stroller
Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller
Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller
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Best Stroller for Newborns
Hot Mom Baby Stroller
Hot Mom Baby Stroller
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Best Travel Stroller
Kolcraft Cloud Plus Travel Stroller
Kolcraft Cloud Plus Travel Stroller
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The Best Baby Strollers List

  • Modular Travel System and Single-to-Double Stroller by Evenflo
  • Scooter X2 Double Stroller by Joovy
  • Expedition Jogger Stroller by Baby Trend
  • Baby Stroller by Hot Mom
  • Cloud Plus Travel Stroller by Kolcraft

Full Breakdown

Best Travel Stroller

Cloud Plus Travel Stroller by Kolcraft

If you’re looking for a super-lightweight travel stroller, then you can’t do better than the Kolcraft Cloud Plus! Top that with a great price and you’ve got yourself a product you surely don’t want to miss! The Kolcraft stroller weighs only 11.8lbs (yes, you read that right!), which makes it the perfect companion to you and your little one for longer travels, day trips, and other types of outings. Easy to fold and put in your car or your closet, you’re destined to love this stroller because of its compact design which still maintains its essential features responsible for security and comfort. Your little one can enjoy several reclining positions on this stroller, although the seat doesn’t recline completely, making it unsuitable for newborns. In fact, as the manufacturers themselves say, this stroller should be used for children who are able to have full control of their neck and head and can sit up without assistance. Another reason why this travel stroller is great for different kinds of outings is because it has all-terrain wheels, as well as a front suspension. You will also find a 5-point harness which is there to keep your baby safe and sound. The Kolcraft stroller is able to withhold up to 40 pounds of weight. Protecting your kiddo from the naughty sunrays is a three-tier extended canopy that can protect from UV rays. And, for the parents there’s also a tiny window through which you can throw glances at your little one and see how they’re doing. And if you’re looking for that little bit of extra space for the endless baby essentials, then you’ve got it! The Kolcraft travel strollers give you a large storage basket so you can put whatever your baby needs, as well as some of your own stuff in there. Then there’s also the removable child tray which has room for two cups as well as a juice box holder. And we absolutely mustn’t forget mentioning the parent tray which can hold two water bottles and which also has an additional area for storage. The only flaw we could find with this stroller is that it’s not compatible with infant car seats. Other than that, this is one great travel stroller that is loved by more than 1400 parents on Amazon!

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Best Stroller for Newborns

Baby Stroller by Hot Mom

Newborns are gentle creatures and you definitely can’t put them in any type of stroller. That’s why Hot Mom is here to save the day! This 360-degree rotating stroller comes with a beautiful bassiet meant for newborns, aka best used for babies 0-9 months old, and a stroller seat that can be used for babies between 6 and 36 months of age. While not the cheapest stroller out there, the Hot Mom pram is definitely something to consider because you don’t only get a stroller when purchasing it, but a bunch of other super-useful things. For example, besides the stroller, you get a stroller bassinet as well, a rain cover that’s also windproof, a mosquito net, a wrist band and one adapter for a car seat. The stroller has the standard 5-point safety harness keeping your baby safe at all times. The wide seat with its soft padding will ensure your little one is tucked comfortably in without a care in the world! Stuck in a rut of hot weather? No worries, you can always use the ventilation net so your baby is protected from the heat wave. If your little one is especially keen on having dangling toys in their stroller, the enveloping hood of the Hot Mom stroller has a loop where you can hang the favorite toy of your kiddo and make them feel like home. A good-quality stroller has a little bit of everything for everybody, meaning even the parent’s comfort and needs shouldn’t be excluded from the matter. The Hot Mom stroller has this in mind as well by providing a large basket at its bottom. Practicality and functionality meet in the Hot Mom stroller. Parking brakes and a removable bumper bar, combined with easy transportation (this stroller is super-easy to fold) with a flexible handlebar able to be adjusted by height, you definitely can’t go wrong with this stylish and high-quality stroller for newborns!

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#1 Best Selling Jogging Stroller

Expedition Jogger Stroller by Baby Trend

All of the sporty mamas and papas of the world, rejoice! Here we present to you the Baby Trend Expedition jogger stroller! This is a stroller that’s bound to make both baby and parents super happy, comfy, and careless, making it the perfect baby accessory to implement in your healthy lifestyle. Taking care of yourself shouldn’t end when the baby comes, right? Let’s see what the Expedition jogger stroller has to offer. First of all, it weighs 25.5 lbs, which is way within the optimal weight for a jogger stroller and can hold up weight to up to 50 lbs. This jogging stroller has large bicycle tires which are great for all surfaces, and it also has a front swivel wheel that you lock into place when you want to go jogging or unlock it when there’s low-speed maneuvering. The rubber handles of this stroller are ergonomically shaped so you can have better control of it and a better, more comfy grip. The Expedition stroller allows you to store two cups and it also features a neat, practical storage compartment that’s covered. Another great thing about it is that you can also attach an infant car seat to it and make one big travel system whenever you want to travel with your little one. It’s pretty easy to carry around since it’s not that heavy and it’s easily foldable for storage as well. The seat is a reclining one and it sports a 5-point harness and a tether. The stroller has a ratcheting canopy that you can adjust in any way you want so it will protect your little one from all common types of weather occurrences. The footrest reflectors will make sure the stroller and the footrest are visible even in low light conditions. This stroller is constructed from a lightweight rugged steel frame and is JPMA certified, meaning it satisfies all safety and comfort requirements for your little one. The Expedition strollers are also pretty easy to clean - you only need a mild soap or detergent and a little bit of warm water to clean it, and that’s it! Honestly, it’s really hard to find a flaw with this product - with more than 3000 reviews on Amazon and plenty of satisfied customers, it’s certainly a parent’s favorite.

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Modular Travel System and Single-to-Double Stroller by Evenflo

Why not have everything in a baby stroller, right? Well, at least that’s what the Evenflo provides you with! For the parent that just wants to buy a supreme product and get it over with for years to come, this is definitely something worth considering! Where to begin with the Evenflo travel system? First of all, this is a single stroller that can be easily converted into a double one! Its specially designed slide and lock system expands the frame of the stroller and makes it possible for another baby to fit perfectly in it! You can easily set up an infant car seat or a toddler seat and have a double stroller in no time! It has four modes of use - two for infants and two for toddlers. This Evenflo stroller allows you to have your children face forward or face you when you’re driving, whichever way is more convenient for both (or three!) of you at the time. Oh, and did we mention the 22 configuration options? Yes, this super-functional stroller is adjustable for various positions (reclined, upright), heights and the above-mentioned modes of use. The adjustable handle offers 3 height positions so the parents can also feel super-comfy while pushing this stroller! The modular design allows this stroller to support an infant car seat on its frame, which means it can also be used for infants. This complete travel system is designed in a super-practical way, which makes folding the stroller super-easy, and also makes it able to stand on itself, allowing your hands to be free! The storage basket has just enough space for all the baby and parent essentials and then some! Let this sink in: it can be expanded to up to 2 feet, allowing for both front and back access! And last but not least are the wheels, of course. The front-wheel swivel and the rear-wheel suspension will give your little one the best and smoothest ride of their lives! Any road surface won’t be an obstacle for this stroller, since it can withhold almost any terrain and still be perfectly controllable and maneuverable!

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Scooter X2 Double Stroller by Joovy

Joovy is a well-established brand in the baby essentials industry, and we have to say, when it comes to strollers, it definitely doesn’t fall short. Sporting a superb design, both practical and easy to use, and come at a great price, this Joovy double stroller is something to consider if you have twins or two little children. One of the most amazing features the Joovy Scooter has to offer is that it can easily fit through a door and still remain a double stroller! This is because it has a graphite frame, lightweight and narrow enough to go through standard-size doorways without any trouble at all (within 30 inches width, that is). Both seats are independently reclinable, with adjustable footrests, and each seat can hold kids up to 45lbs. There’s also a bumper bar that can be removed and a 5-point harness for extra safety. This stroller has been made after all the safety standards required - it’s 100% flame retardant and free from bad chemicals. Sure the double strollers might seem pretty bulky and heavy, but the Joovy Scooter has proven otherwise. It’s one-handed, flat-fold design makes this the perfect stroller for two to take it with you when you want to travel or have a day trip. Good-quality double strollers also need good quality wheels, right? Well, the Joovy Scooter has exactly what you need - large sealed bearing wheels both in the front and back of the strollers. These, along with the lined parking brakes, make every ride smoother and offer better control, stability, and maneuverability over the whole stroller. And as we all know, both parents and children need plenty of space to put their precious belongings in and man, does Joovy Scooter provide for one! They even say they have both the largest storage basket and canopy of all such strollers out there! What’s more, you can find mesh pockets in each of the two seats for all the stuff your baby needs such as food, bottles, and their precious toys. This combination of safety, comfort, practicality, great materials, and an even greater price simply can’t be missed when looking for a double stroller!

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What are the Types of Strollers? 

There are several types of strollers currently on the baby essentials market. The kind of stroller you choose will depend on the needs of your little one, as well as your own family habits. These are the main types of baby strollers: 

  • Full-size stroller - these types of strollers are ubiquitous. They’re one of the most practical ones you can find because they’re designed to offer you and your little one all the essentials a stroller needs to have. You can use the full-size strollers from the very birth of your little one till they’re in their toddler years, meaning till they are 3-5 years old. 

  • Double stroller - the perfect stroller if you happen to have two small kids or twins. Perfect for couples and parents that want to take a walk with all of their small kids at once. NOTE: These strollers are not necessarily limited to two seats. 

  • Jogging stroller - these are strollers specially designed for sporty parents. Want to run and take a walk with your little one in their stroller at the same time? Then this is definitely the type of stroller for you. The difference between jogging strollers and other types mostly has to do with shock absorption and stability. 

  • Umbrella stroller - find the weather too light and sunny for a regular stroller? Then the umbrella stroller could be the perfect replacement. These strollers are usually more lightweight than regular ones and less sturdy; the reason they’re called ‘umbrella’ is that they can fold like one.  

How Best Can I Choose a Baby Stroller? 

When choosing a baby stroller, it’s important to have a couple of things in mind: 

  • How many babies/toddlers you have;

  • How much space do you search in a stroller; 

  • What do you need it for - for example, will you be satisfied with a regular (full-size) stroller or do you want a more lightweight one that you can carry more easily when traveling? 

  • Does it satisfy the basic security measures?

  • What style do you prefer - a modern looking stroller or a more vintage one? 

Once you go over these points in your head, you’ll be able to come up with a certain idea of the kind of stroller you’d like to buy. Check out the products in this guide to make the process a helluva lot easier, though. 

Is a Stroller Safe for Newborns?

The most important feature you should look for in a stroller for newborns is the option to recline. As we all know, newborn babies can’t sit up straight, nor can they hold their heads firmly, which means that one of the safest positions for them is to be reclined. 

There are strollers that have the option to fully recline, and others which can have an infant car seat or a bassinet attached to them. 

Keep in mind that most types of umbrella strollers aren’t designed for newborns, because they don’t have the proper back and head support for infants. The same goes for most jogging strollers which don’t recline and can be used for babies after they become 6 months old. 

What are the Security Features I Should Look for in a Stroller? 

The most important safety features you should look for in a baby stroller are: 

  • Brakes - as we said earlier, baby strollers are somewhat like cars, which means breaks are pretty darn important when it comes to security. When choosing a baby stroller make sure to look for one who has parking brakes, ones that are easy to use and lock at least two wheels (for extra safety). Some jogging strollers have breaks located at the stroller handles, which makes them easier to operate. 

  • Wheels - another important feature is wheels. Generally speaking, larger wheels have more balance and are easier on the little one on curbs and rougher terrains. When choosing the stroller, however, make sure that the wheels are stable and sit firmly on the floor, especially when your little one is in it.

  • Base - this is also something to consider; namely, strollers designed with wider bases also have a much smaller chance to turn over. 

  • Leg holes - especially important for infants and newborns, fully reclinable strollers also need to have leg holes through which will help keep the little one from slipping through. Usually, a stroller that has leg holes that are unable to close will also not fully recline, which means it’s not appropriate to be used for a newborn/infant. 

  • Cover - another very important thing to pay attention to when buying a stroller. The covers or canopies should be there to protect your little one from the various weather conditions outside. Whether it’s extremely sunny outside, pretty windy, raining or snowing, your baby should be protected from all types of weather. If you want to make extra sure that your bundle will enjoy all their comforts even in the harshest of weather, then consider the reversible (or 180-degree) canopy which is able to protect your little one both from the back and from the front. 


We hope you’ve taken a good look at our selection of baby strollers - if not, you can certainly do it again! Whether it’s a jogging stroller, a lighter, umbrella stroller, or a full-size, regular type one, we’ve got you covered! 

We hope you realized by now you don’t have to waste any more time scrolling through endless Amazon pages of a gazillion of baby strollers. And why should you, when you’ve got a selection of the very best ones, right here?

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