The 6 Best Baby Night Light of 2022
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Community Curated • Updated 03, 2019

Bedtime might just be the favorite time of day for new parents - it’s one of the rare times when they can get to shut their eyes alongside their little one and get that long deserved rest they’ve been postponing throughout the day. If you’re a newbie parent, then you can definitely relate to this feeling.

But this peaceful time of the day is equally important for your little one as well. Bedtime is the time of day when your baby can rest and renew its energy for the next day. Providing the right environment for your baby’s good night sleep can make all the difference for them. Babies need to sleep well in order to maintain the healthy growth and development of their bodies as well as the proper development of the brain.

This is where the baby night light comes in the picture. This very handy night light can create the perfect atmosphere for a whole night’s worth of sound sleep. But, this is only part of the reason why baby night lights are so handy. They’re also perfect for the not so peaceful nights.

The first couple of years of your baby’s life are very demanding, with a special emphasis on the first year - you’ll probably constantly go in and out of the little one’s nursery, whether to change the diapers, to feed them in the late hours of the night when they’re extra hungry, or just to calm them down after a bad dream. Toddlers also aren’t that keen on sparing you those late hours of rightly deserved sleep. Whether you’re potty training them or caring for them during bouts of cold and the flu, you’ll definitely want to have the right baby night light by your side as a faithful companion.

The right night light can give you the right amount of light without ruining your eyesight, and also without necessarily completely ruining your sleepy state. It will provide just enough light and brightness so you can feed your baby or change their diapers without worry and, at the same time, it will be super-gentle on your tired eyes.

Baby night lights are specially designed for late night sessions in the nursery, for whatever occasion. The light is dim, but provides a nice amount of brightness; there’s usually a sleep-time mode included in the better models. These baby night lights also provide an extra amount of security for the babies and toddlers that have a fear of the dark.

In this guide, we have a selection of the best baby night lights you can currently find on the market. From the most popular ones to the most practical and compact ones, you can find a variety of them and choose the one that suits you and your baby best.

Customer's Favorite
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Cute Design
VTech Lil' Critters Soothing Starlight Hippo
VTech Lil' Critters Soothing Starlight Hippo
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Premium Product
Hatch Baby Rest Nightlight and Sound Machine
Hatch Baby Rest Nightlight and Sound Machine
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The Best Baby Night Light List

  • VA-CL006 by VAVA
  • myBaby SoundSpa Lullaby by Homedics
  • Light My Way by Munchkin
  • VA-HP008 by VAVA
  • Lil' Critters Soothing Starlight Hippo by VTech
  • Rest Nightlight and Sound Machine by Hatch Baby

Full Breakdown

Premium Product

Rest Nightlight and Sound Machine by Hatch Baby

Most of the products that we review are part of Amazon’s Choice recommendations, and this one’s no exception. The Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine might just be the best overall product of this type on our list, but it’s also the most expensive one, which can be a dealbreaker for some people that are more budget-tight. Nevertheless, it’s been quite popular with parents according to our statistics. This multifunctional machine is more than just your typical sound machine or night light - in fact, it’s got everything you need to have in a bedside companion machine: a special time-to-rise alert that you can control from your phone, as well as numerous customizable settings such as brightness, color, sound and volume level. You can also set it up so it turns on and off automatically, following the sleeping schedule of your little one and your entire family ensemble. The Hatch Baby is very easy to use - whether you program it to turn on automatically, tap it manually for instant adjustments, or use your phone to control it remotely, it’s gonna take you very little of your time, either way. The great thing about this machine is that you can control it from a distance with your smartphone by simply downloading the app Hatch Baby Rest. Another thing that we just can’t help ourselves in mentioning is that the Hatch Baby is actually designed primarily to ease your little one’s sleeping pattern. This is achieved by creating an ideal environment for sleep in which your baby can feel comfortable enough to close its eyes whenever they feel like it. You can choose from a variety of preset color and sound combinations recommended by sleep experts for the optimal sleeping experience for your precious little one. The Hatch Baby also has another great feature - it actually grows along with your baby. This means that in the beginning you can use its soft light or white noise for the late nighttime feeding sessions with your newborn or the occasional diaper changes, and then as time goes by you can also use it as a comforting night light for a toddler or a preschooler, while the time-to-rise setting is perfect for an older child that’s just beginning their first exciting months in kindergarten or school. This machine has a toddler lock option and also doesn’t heat up during the night for extra safety.

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Cute Design

Lil' Critters Soothing Starlight Hippo by VTech

There are several different ways you can try to ease your baby into sleep, and this lamp has definitely one of the most effective methods and strategies with which you can achieve this. The Vtech Baby uses sound and wall projections to create a better sleeping environment, making it the perfect little companion for a good night’s sleep. Designed as an adorable hippo, this lamp can project a wondrous starry night on the walls or ceiling in your baby’s nursery. All this is also accompanied with literally hundreds of soothing melodies, sounds and phrases, making a perfect blend of light and sound (6 settings for custom light play are included). It also contains nursery rhymes that help to encourage the baby’s first words. Parent and baby friendly, this lamp will also allow you to control how long and how loud the sound in it plays (you have the options of 10, 20 or 30 minutes), allowing you to time it to the right moments when your baby falls asleep. A very convenient and unique feature of this hippo lamp is that it is voice activated and can actually respond and turn on if your little one happens to begin crying. This a perfect gift for a baby shower or just a welcoming gift for your own newborn or a slightly bigger baby that needs that extra comfort during nighttime.

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Customer's Favorite

VA-HP008 by VAVA

This is the other VAVA product on our list, with a similar, slightly cheaper price than the other one. While the other one was hailed for its nursing-friendly light options, this one’s a favorite with parents with newborns. Because newborn babies are very sensitive to light and are still in the process of adapting to the world around them, they require a special kind of light to make them feel more at ease with their surroundings. This VAVA night light is designed with newborns in mind, with an LED light that’s gentle on the baby’s eyes - the uniform, non-flickering light, with an adjustable color between warm and cool white, will make sure to keep your little one calm in the moments before falling asleep. It’s also a convenient light for moms that are nursing and make diaper changes in the middle of the night. A little bit of gentle light in the dark is always a great help in those sleepy hours when you need to take care of your little one. This VAVA light also allows you to control the brightness of the light, depending on what you need to do. But this light is not only great for newborns - which means you don’t have to throw it away after your baby grows up. In fact, it’s made to very durable and can definitely handle the playful times of toddlers. This VAVA lamp also comes with expression stickers on it, allowing you to decorate it with 20 super-cute facial expressions and turn your baby’s room into a smiling, positive place that you will all enjoy together.

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VA-CL006 by VAVA

This is a significantly less expensive choice for a baby night lamp than the Hatch Baby and also another favorite with parents, the VAVA lamps (we have another one on our list from the same brand) definitely deserve their place on Amazon’s Choice recommendations list as well. This might just be the best baby lamp on our list when it comes to breastfeeding sessions late in the night. This particular VAVA lamp was designed especially for midnight feedings in mind, making the whole process a lot easier. That’s why it has a very simple, easy to use one-hand touch controls that you can operate without fuss all the while holding your little one with the other hand. Besides the cool, chic design, the VAVA VA-CL006 offers a wide range of settings that you can freely tailor after your own and your baby’s needs. There’s also a special feeding mode that makes the light bright enough so you can see your baby better while you feed them, without completely disturbing each other’s sleep so late in the night. You can adjust the brightness level, toggling between brighter yellow or softer white light. There’s also a timer option, in case you want to leave a little bit of light for your little one before they go to sleep. If we have to note a downside, we’d say that maybe the company should’ve designed this with a wall outlet, and not only a USB cable for charging. Otherwise, it’s a pretty good nursing light, perfect for sleepy moms and babies, allowing them to return super-easy to sleep right after.

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myBaby SoundSpa Lullaby by Homedics

As you may have already noticed by its name, the MyBaby SoundSpa also uses the combination of sound and light for a better sleeping experience for your little one. Babies like to fall asleep in environments with a light, soothing sound that will stimulate them into falling asleep easier and faster. This machine includes three soothing sounds and also three classic lullabies, while the built-in projector comes with an image disk that contains three scenes which you can project on your nursery’s wall or ceiling. You can also use separately the sounds and images if you think your baby prefers or enjoys one of them at a particular time. The MyBaby SoundSpa also comes with a timer that will allow you to control the duration of its sound and light features. This is a rather compact device, making it easy to carry around, small enough to even fit in a diaper bag, so you can be certain to always have the comfort of your baby wherever you go. A lot of users say that even though sound quality is quite improved, they actually preferred the older version. This model’s downside is that it doesn’t have an off button, so you’d have to press through all the other sounds to turn it off.

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Light My Way by Munchkin

One of the cheapest baby lights on our list, as well as the cutest ones, the Munchkin Light My Way is also one of the favorite night lights among Amazon reviewers. This is a great portable night light, perfect for parents that need a lamp which is light and easy to carry around the house. It’s also very convenient for toddlers and kids that want to take their lamp with them during the night - whether to go to the bathroom or sneak into your room, they will definitely have the right companion by their side to lead the way. The Munchkin is battery operated and pretty easy to use, made so that even a toddler can get the hang of it pretty quickly, and it remains cool to the touch even when it is lit, so you won’t have to worry that your little one might hurt themselves. Some parents may not be fond of the basic settings though - the nightlight automatically turns off after 20 minutes, for example. Also it’s only battery-operated, and maybe not the best option for parents that want a light with a wall plug or a USB charger. Nevertheless, simple options can sometimes be a pro rather than a con, so if you’re searching for something that super-easy to use and does the job well, then this is the lamp for you and your baby.

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What’s the difference between a baby night light and a regular night light?

Baby night lights are night lights for nurseries, specially designed to provide the perfect atmosphere for a sound and comfortable baby sleep. Their light is usually dimmer, while also providing enough brightness for the baby, as well as the parents and whatever they need to do in their child’s nursery. They also have special options, like sleep-timer or toddler-lock, which means that the night light can be controlled from a remote distance. Some baby night lights are also designed to play melodies and nursery rhymes which can help your baby fall asleep faster.

What color night light is best for babies?

The color the baby night light produces is very important for the everyday good night sleep your little one needs. The color of the night light can affect the quality of sleep of your baby.

Research shows that blue light is one of the worst colors you’ll want for a night light - blue light has actually shown itself to be a stimulant, rather than a calming color when it comes to light color. The blue color of light boosts attention as well as the reaction times of the person affected. This is definitely not something you’d want in a bedroom or a nursery. White lights have a similar effect, so those are also a no-no when it comes to baby night lights.

The best baby night light color is actually red or orange. These are very natural colors, that are reminiscent of the sun, and the natural times of the day such as sunset or twilight, which act suggestively on the brain and tell it it’s time for bed.

The red light is considered as a familiar color for the baby, and this familiarity can affect their sleep as well. Researchers connect this with the color red of the womb, the main color the baby was exposed to when it was still inside the mother. This is why the red light color is considered one of the most natural colors for a baby night light.

Do babies need a light on at night?

Research has shown that having a baby night light in the nursery can provide a stress-free sleep for your baby. Baby night lights are beneficial for several reasons:

  • They provide a comforting environment for babies and toddlers, especially ones who are afraid of the dark;

  • They also provide parents with a light source mellow enough which will allow them to check up on their little one in the middle of the night, without disturbing their sleep, and without completely ruining their own sleepy eyes as well;

  • They are a good light source for diaper changes in the middle of the night (they can illuminate the changing table);

  • They’re also very handy for middle of the night feeding-sessions;

  • They allow toddlers to locate their favorite toys in the middle of the night if they sleep with the lights on throughout the whole night.

Are baby night lights safe to leave on all night?

Baby night lights are considered to be safe to use throughout the whole night. You should, however, make sure to follow the instructions of the manufacturer for safe and correct use of the baby night light. A lot of baby night lights are specially designed not to heat up when they’re used throughout the whole night.

How bright should the baby night light be?

The baby night light is designed to function in a night mode, which means that it’s supposed to gently illuminate the nursery with ambient, soft light. Baby night lights should never be too bright. Brightness is very important because it can be a very determining factor when it comes to your baby’s sleep.

A baby night light that turns out to be too bright can break the baby’s sleep and make your little one restless. And we’re sure you don’t want to end up with a grumpy, sleepless and tired baby in the morning!

If you’re not sure about the brightness of the night light in your baby’s nursery, try and determine whether it’s too bright with the following method:

  • Put yourself in the place where your child sleeps and close your eyes;

  • Try turning towards the source of the night light;

  • If you notice that you can still see the light source from the night light through your eyelids, this means that the night light is too bright and it’s highly possible it’ll interfere with your baby’s sleep.

A lot of baby night lights come with options where you can manually set the brightness level the way you want to. A brighter night light is useful for late night feeding sessions, as well as late night diaper changes.


By now we hope that some of the basic things considering baby night lights have become a bit clearer for you. As you can see in our product selection below, there are plenty of different types of baby night lights on the market, enough to suit the needs and preferences of every parent and baby out there. Do you want a light that will sing your baby to sleep or a portable light in the shape of a cute owl that your toddler can carry around the house? Or maybe you want something that’s hi-tech and remote controlled - well,  we’ve got it all covered for you in this guide. Yours is only to make the choice and provide a peaceful and stress-free night for your little one.


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