The 7 Best Breast Pump Carry Bag of 2022
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Community Curated • Updated 03, 2019

We live in a time when a lot of moms have discovered the benefits and practicality of breast pumps. And if you’re one of those moms, chances are you’re going to need a breast pump carry bag to go along with it! Yes, breast pumps can be a little bulky and it’s not really convenient to carry them around just like that. 

Luckily though, we’ve prepared here a really nice list of breast pump carry bags, and we’re certain it’s bound to satisfy everybody’s taste and budget! 

Nowadays there’s plenty to choose from - beautiful, chic designs, that also don’t fall short on being amazingly practical. Most breast pump carries bags have several pockets and compartments that are meant to keep your pump discreet and in place, with all its parts orderly, and intact, and also to keep the pumped milk always fresh, cool and protected. 

Check out the short FAQ below on why you should use a breast pump carry bag and make sure to read our carefully selected guides of carry bags! 


6-Piece Set
J.L.Childress Jay Elle Pump Carry Bag
J.L.Childress Jay Elle Pump Carry Bag
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Best Luxury Carry Bag
Sarrah Wells Abby Breast Pump Bag
Sarrah Wells Abby Breast Pump Bag
Check Price on Amazon
Quality Budget Bag
Spectra Breast Pump Tote Bag
Spectra Breast Pump Tote Bag
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The Best Breast Pump Carry Bag List

  • Lizzy Breast Pump Bag by Sarrah Wells
  • The New Yorker by Charlie G Bags
  • Breast Pump Carryall Tote by Dr.Brown's
  • Breast Pump Tote by flybold
  • Jay Elle Pump Carry Bag by J.L.Childress
  • Abby Breast Pump Bag by Sarrah Wells
  • Breast Pump Tote Bag by Spectra

Full Breakdown

Quality Budget Bag

Breast Pump Tote Bag by Spectra

Where to begin with the Spectra Baby? Besides the fact that they make the best breast pumps on the market, they offer some pretty darn good breast pump bags as well! This breast pump tote bag is extremely convenient for moms that have a limited budget, but still don’t want to sacrifice on quality and functionality – yes, this is the cheapest one on our list, but also the best in proportion to its price! It’s lightweight and has a very discreet, elegant design that will blend in both at work and with your wardrobe just perfectly. The Spectra Baby Breast Pump has very neat storage, allowing you to store your pump and all the necessities in one convenient place – with just one pull of the zipper you’ve got all the essentials for breast pumping closely at hand! The design is classic - simple and elegant, not too fancy, which allows it to blend in all working environments, as well as events and outings of a more casual nature.

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Best Luxury Carry Bag

Abby Breast Pump Bag by Sarrah Wells

This is the most expensive breast pump bag on our list. And it’s no wonder, the Sarah Wells bags have been a rather well-known brand name on the market, making breast pump bags with a classic and stylish design that still don’t miss out on usability and quality. The Sarah Wells Abby bag is made from nylon - both on the inside and outside, which means it’s designed to be easily cleaned; it also has two real leather straps that add to its durability. It comes with shoulder straps and a body strap, so you can carry it both by holding it from the handles and on your body as well. This is a well-organized bag, with an interior boasting a laptop compartment and two large-sized insulated side pockets, one of them reserved for the breast pump (also convenient for most breast pump brands), and the other one for the storage of expressed milk (it can keep it cool for up to six hours). It also has two exterior pockets fitting for smaller items such as a phone or keys, watch, sunglasses, books and whatnot. While this bag is worth the money in many ways, still some reviewers on Amazon had complained about some durability issues, such as the stitching on the handles and the inconsistency of design – for example, the blue and white striped option is not part of the fabric and has been reported to peel and wear-off in places (whereas the other design options were reported as being fine).

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6-Piece Set

Jay Elle Pump Carry Bag by J.L.Childress

Okay, so this is also not the cheapest stuff you can find out there – but! – you do get 6 pieces along with the bag, so it is worth the price. What you get is the pump bag itself, a cooler bag, an accessories bag, a wet bag, a dry cloth and a sort of a handbook that offers guidelines and tips, as well as some words of encouragement that we know all moms need once in a while. The inside of the bag is more or less like other pump bags: you’ve got two compartments, one for the pump, the other for the cooler bag (which can hold four bottles or max eight storage bags of milk). It’s less massive than other bags and lighter in weight. It’s made from nylon material, while the handles and trim are made from pebbled vegan-leather, making it easy to wipe and clean. Some reviewers have complained about the skinny handles though, saying they can be a tad uncomfortable if you load your bag too much for the day.

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Breast Pump Carryall Tote by Dr.Brown's

One of the most affordable breast pump bags out there, beaten only by the Spectra breast pump tote bag, the Dr. Brown Carryall tote gives you more or less the essentials you’ll need from a breast pump bag. This is a classic, big sized bag so it can fit all the stuff that may come along with breast pumps. It has a main compartment where you can fit most electric breast pump types, as well as space for a bottle cooler bag and all the other accessories you need. It also fits a 15” laptop. It’s lightweight and it may very well be used after its breast pump carry bag days are over – in fact it can also function as a diaper bag, a baby bag, or even a gym bag - it has all the space necessary anyways. It’s also made of polyester, making it a very low maintenance bag – you can just go over it with a damp cloth and that’s it. One drawback to this bag, however, would be the two zipper openings on both sides of the bag that provide access to the pump and the accessories. While this may initially seem practical because it allows for bigger sized pumps, it also means that they lead directly to the main compartment of the bag, without any separation - meaning items are likely to shift around and not be as organized as you’d like.

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Breast Pump Tote by flybold

The first thing you notice about the Flybold breast pump bag is that it’s kinda huge (the dimensions listed are 21.6 x 15 x 1.8 inches). And while initial customer impressions were a bit reserved, a lot of moms have actually grown to love the size and find it immensely practical. The Flybold bag is one of the more affordable breast pump bags that you can find (nothing beats the Spectra though!) and it does provide enough for the price. It has a neat, subtle design that’s not too boring, but that can fit almost any setting, which means it works perfectly for lots of working moms as well. It’s also got plenty (and we mean plenty!) of room for your pump and milk as well as many other accessories and personal items. It’s thermally lined on the inside and foam padded, which means it’s got the standard protection from spillage that has proved essential for moms on many occasions. It also includes a staging mat so you can lay all your breast pumping accessories on a clean and soft surface before and after the pumping.

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The New Yorker by Charlie G Bags

Perhaps the most stylish bag in our list, the New Yorker does come with a matching price though. Designed by a working mum for working moms, it will fit perfectly with almost any office setting and daily work-combination wardrobe. The New Yorker breast pump bag is made from Cordura nylon (coming only in black color) making it very easy to clean and, plus, it’s super durable. It’s also designed to fit almost all portable pumps especially popular ones such as the Spectra S1 and S2, the Medela Pump in Style, the Philips Avent single and many others. The bag is carefully designed so that the insulated individual lower compartments keep the pumps and cooler (which can keep the milk cool up to six hours) separate from other belongings that you might want to put in the bag. And, there’s plenty of room for other items – for example, there’s a very convenient 15” laptop compartment, as well as a large upper compartment and slide pockets for your keys and phone. All that compartment space is bound to help you maintain order in the usually messy insides of bigger sized bags. There are three ways to carry the bag: it can be carried on one shoulder, as a cross body, and you can carry it by its drop handles. The great thing about it is that when you’re done pumping, you can easily convert the breast pump bag into a diaper bag. The downside is that it’s rather expensive and also, some people have complained about the zippers being difficult to zip. Nevertheless, if you’re ready to invest both in style and functionality, then this is the bag for you!

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Lizzy Breast Pump Bag by Sarrah Wells

The Sarah Wells brand specializes in breast pump bags, which is why we’ve included two of their models in our reviews. The Lizzy is slightly cheaper than the Abby model but still remains among the more pricy breast pump bags. It’s a well thought out breast pump bag and it’s got everything you need: insulated pockets in its bottom part, both for the pump and the expressed milk. There’s also a bigger compartment that can fit a 15” laptop inside along with other breast pump accessories every mom needs. The pockets on the sides are perfect for smaller items (which are often easy to lose!) such as keys or cell phone, cosmetics, earphones. The Lizzy bag is made from nylon, both inside and outside – it’s super durable and very easy to clean with just a couple of wipes. Another good thing about this bag are the cute prints that add a special flavor to the necessary mom gear in the early months of nursing. The Lizzy is a multifunctional bag that can also be used as a beach bag or a carry-on bag when it’s not being used for pumping.

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Why use a breast pump carry bag instead of a regular bag?

Sure, nobody’s stopping you from carrying your breast pump in a regular bag, but having a carry bag for it will make it significantly easier to carry that pump everywhere you want to with you. Breast pump carry bags are specially designed to hold breast pumps and every little asset that comes along with them, which means they’re highly practical and will keep things orderly, saving you a lot of time in the process. If you’re a mom that’s using a breast pump quite often, then we definitely recommend purchasing a carry bag as well. 

Here are some of the reasons why a breast pump carry bag is a good idea: 

  • It helps protect the breast pump from being knocked around when carried and moved about frequently;

  • It often has a place for the pump’s motor, so it can stay in the bag while you’re doing the pumping;

  • Lots of breast pump carry bags also have place specially reserved to accommodate a cooler so the pumped milk can always stay fresh;

  • These bags also have specially designed pockets where you can keep the pump parts (like the tubing, for example);

  • For working women who also breast pump, but need a special dress code for the workplace, certain types of breast pump carry bags can be the perfect practical accessories that also allow them to look both professional and stylish.

What are the types of breast pump carry bags? 

Breast pump carry bags usually come in two main types - tote carry bags and backpack carry bags. Depending on how you want to carry the weight inside the carry bag, you can choose among the variety of these two types. Tote bags usually have a shoulder strap or are meant to be carried by hand; the backpack, as you know, goes on your back. If you often cram your carry bag and your pump is heavier - thus the bag is heavier - it might be a good idea to opt for a backpack type. If you plan on carrying your carry bag to work though, and you are in a more official environment and want to look more professional, then we’d recommend getting the tote breast pump carry bag. 

What should I look for in a breast pump carry bag? 

Breast pump carry bags should have several important characteristics to satisfy the needs of every mom that pumps out there. 

  • Size of breast pump - of course, this is priority number one! Always pay attention to the dimensions stated of the bag and its compartments, as well as the types of breast pumps it’s able to fit. Some pumps fit into almost all breast pump bags, while others require specific dimensions. 

  • Size of bag and how many items it fits - be mindful that you will need to carry that bag, which means it you often cram it too much, it will get too heavy! Think about where and in which occasions you plan on using the bag for. If it takes you a lot of time to get to work, for example, and if you walk a lot, then it might be a good idea to get a smaller, lighter and more practical bag that you won’t get to load too much. If you travel mostly with a car, though, then you can surely afford to carry some extra weight. 

  • Quality of material - so, breast pumps are meant to go almost anywhere with you and they should be durable. This means that the constant zipping and unzipping shouldn’t be too much of a problem for the material to endure; also the potential milk spillages, and the sometimes careless throwing in things or throwing the bag itself on the floor or wherever (something we all do!), shouldn’t make the carry bag fall apart as soon as you buy it. A lot of the more durable carry bags are made from nylon, while the handles sometimes from leather or vegan-leather, for the animal-friendly among moms. 

  • Style of the bag - as we said, this bag will be almost everywhere with you and quite often, which means the style of it will haunt you as well - so choose wisely! For women with more official work settings, a tote bag with darker colors is usually considered more suitable. For moms who work from home or in less strict dress code settings, or are stay at home moms, you also have the choice of patterned totes, and also backpacks. 

  • Insulation and compartments - compartments are also one of the most important components of a breast pump carry bag. They help organize all the stuff that comes along with the breast pump and that make it function correctly. The insulated areas of the carry bag are the ones meant for storing freshly pumped milk bottles, to keep it cool and protected. Here it also depends on your own choice - whether you’d like a compartment within the bag with an ice pack where you can store your milk or a completely separate cooler, so you can put it in the fridge at work, for example. Whatever works best! 


Having a practical and functional breast pump is very important for women that tend to pump regularly - that’s why it pays off to think about it a little bit more and go over every little detail in design, price and overall impression before purchasing a breast pump carry bag. 

We hope that this guide has helped you in your quest to find that perfect bag and saved you a little bit of time in the process! 


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