The 6 Top Baby Wipe Dispensers of 2022
Only the best for your little one!

Community Curated • Updated 03, 2019

Having a baby sure is a wonderful event in one’s life, and it comes with all sets of joyful activities and moments to be cherished for a lifetime. But, it also comes with a side that other people rarely mention at first, and which can come as a bit of surprise for fresh, new parents.

It’s the messy side.

And when we say messy we’re mostly talking about the stinky times - aka those dreaded diaper changes that simply must be done and endured on a daily basis, whether you like it or not.

Luckily though, we live in times where it’s easier to get by when all hell breaks loose in the diaper department (for more info on best baby diapers go here), and our choice of top baby wipe dispensers is here to help.

The life and times of parenting have been eased up with products specifically designed to be at their disposal any time, making all the messy times all the easier to bear. And baby wipe dispensers are no exception to this. Nowadays, things are made easier in one direction, but complicated in another - just look at all the choice of products you have on your disposal! How to choose the best one for you among them all, one that will be the most convenient for yours and your baby’s needs? You won’t have to worry about newborn checklists and baby essentials though, because we got you covered with our article. And you also won’t need to look any further when it comes to choosing wipes dispensers - below you can see that we’ve compiled a concise list of top baby wipe dispensers, suiting all tastes and practical preferences.


OXO Tot On-the-Go Travel Wipes Dispenser
OXO Tot On-the-Go Travel Wipes Dispenser
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Best Seller
hiccapop Wipe Warmer and Baby Wet Wipes Dispenser
hiccapop Wipe Warmer and Baby Wet Wipes Dispenser
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Most Stylish
Ubbi Baby Wipes Dispenser with Weighted Plate
Ubbi Baby Wipes Dispenser with Weighted Plate
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The Top Baby Wipe Dispensers List

  • On-the-Go Travel Wipes Dispenser by OXO Tot
  • Baby Wipe Storage Bin by Dejaroo
  • Wipes Case by The Buti-Bag Company
  • Baby Wipes Case by Skip Hop
  • Wipe Warmer and Baby Wet Wipes Dispenser by hiccapop
  • Baby Wipes Dispenser with Weighted Plate by Ubbi

Full Breakdown

Most Stylish

Baby Wipes Dispenser with Weighted Plate by Ubbi

The Ubbi Baby Wipes dispenser is quite the eye-catcher when it comes to product design. Somebody from the Ubbi team really did a good job in ensuring you get a high-quality object with great looks and features. You definitely won’t have to hide this exclusively designed, chic box for storing wipes in some corner, pretending it doesn’t exist - it will proudly grace your child’s nursery, while at the same time being highly functional, spacious and very practical wipes dispenser. Simple, easy to use, this product contains a weighted plate to keep the wipes clean and orderly at all times - with the Ubbi dispenser you won’t have to go through the hassle of pulling out more wipes than necessary and then cramming them back, turning the whole box on its head. The design team behind the Ubbi dispenser was also very careful and thoughtful to make sure to put a clear window in the lower middle of the box, so you’ll always know the approximate quantity of wipes at the moment, meaning you’ll never have to worry again about accidentally running out of wipes (we all know it can be the ultimate horror when you’re stuck with a stinky, dirty diaper in your hands and you suddenly realize you’re actually out of wipes!) This dispenser is made with dimensions that allow it to fit into most types of standard diaper caddies. What’s more, its superb storage capacity won’t make it obsolete after potty training - on the contrary, you can find a very nice use for this box to fit all kinds of stuff for your toddler or yourself: toys, crayons, facial tissues, wet wipes among other stuff. The Ubbi dispenser will hold a standard pack of wipes, as well as cloth wipes. The rubber seal will guarantee that the wipes inside stay moist and fresh at all times, while the non-skid feet will prevent sliding and banging. The plastic from which this dispenser is made is very easy to clean and it’s also free from phthalate, BPA and PVC, keeping your baby safe and away from unwanted chemicals ending up on their skin.

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Best Seller

Wipe Warmer and Baby Wet Wipes Dispenser by hiccapop

Although quite pricey, this is still one of the most popular dispensers on the market. In fact, you’ll see that this is not your typical, ordinary wipes dispenser. The hiccapop is actually a 2 in 1 container: it’s both a wipe warmer and a wet wipes dispenser. The wipe warmer is a devilishly practical thing to have by your side if you have a little one - the warm wipes make all the difference on your baby’s skin, especially in those late night nappy changes when your baby is extra fussy and the last thing they need on their bum is a cold hanky. The high-end design will keep the wipes on the top layer of the pile warm at all times, while at the same time maintaining constant moisture of the ones in the lower layers. This is achieved by the presence of the innovative silicone seal that locks in both moisture and heat, so you won’t have to worry that the wipes will dry out at one point and lose their primary function. The hiccapop will hold all diaper wipes brands, allowing you to store a week’s worth of your preferred wipes, all carefully monitored through the window so they don’t run out on you in mid-diaper change. The hiccapop is a really cool and practical thing to have in your household - it’s a hi-tech product that uses low electricity to keep the wipes warm and to keep you safe - it also contains a built-in light, which will help you a great deal in illuminating the changing table during diaper changes late in the night. The great thing about this light is that it switches off automatically after 10 minutes.

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On-the-Go Travel Wipes Dispenser by OXO Tot

If you want a wipes dispenser that’s also a perfect travel companion, then the OXO Tot On-the-Go is exactly what you need. As its name also states, this is a wipes dispenser that’s specially designed to be used on the go, regardless whether you and your baby are traveling long-distance or you’re just frequently out of the house - it will follow you two everywhere you need to go and it will do its job perfectly well. You’ll surely feel like having an extra hand with the simple, one-handed opening system which will allow you easy access to the beloved wipes at all times. It also comes with an attached strap, a silicone tether with which you can attach the dispenser to your stroller or your diaper bag straps. The slim, flat shape makes this dispenser perfectly suitable for almost any bag that you’ll happen to use. When it comes to product satisfaction, the Amazon reviews have generally been rather praising, although there were some reports of customers having lid problems which in turn made their wipes dry faster. While these may be isolated cases or an improper closing of the lid, still we felt we needed to disclose these customer reviews for potential buyers.

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Baby Wipe Storage Bin by Dejaroo

To be clear, this is not really a wipes dispenser - it’s actually a bin for the dispenser and it’s a mighty stylish one. With its gender and style neutral gray color it will fit perfectly into any nursery without disrupting your careful arrangement. Made from a 100% eco-friendly linen, the Dejaroo storage bin will truly be your stylish, but also practical companion when it comes to baby accessories. Whether you use it as a gift for a baby shower or for your own household, this bin will make sure to discreetly keep the wet wipes in place. The front side of it says “Wipes”, so you can easily orient yourself when you’re in a hurry or in a mess that you want cleaned up immediately, while the back side is blank, meaning you can use this bin for other stuff as well - just turn the other side and it automatically becomes a storage bin for whatever you need it to be! Moms on Amazon just love it, hailing it as the perfect accessory for a baby’s nursery that helps you keep things in order in those early months of baby messiness!

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Wipes Case by The Buti-Bag Company

Just consider these Buti-pods as the tuxedo bags for your wet wipes. These super-practical containers are another great option for moms on the go - their slim, super-thin and light design will make em fit almost anywhere without being bulky or pressing on other items whether they’re in your bag, carrier or pockets. Great for easy and quick cleanups - perfect for babies, but also very convenient for pets! The slim design doesn’t allow for much air circulation, thus preventing the wipes from getting dry while stored (we know how annoying this can be!) The company suggests you put 12-15 wipes at a time, so the zippered closure can get closed comfortably and properly. It’s also recommended that you change any unused wipes after 30 days, just to keep them fresh (but let’s be honest, nobody thinks they’ll ever last that long anyway!) Another great thing about these Butipods is that they’re perfectly safe for your baby - they’re BPA, phthalate and lead-free. Customers are very fond of them - some even use only the Buti-pods, without any additional dispensers. The transparent design is also something a lot of customers prefer and love, noting how easy it is for them to see how many wipes they’ve got left.

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Baby Wipes Case by Skip Hop

The Skip-Hop on the go is a very affordable travel-friendly wet wipes dispenser, that’ll make all of your shorter and longer trips easier and, in any event, less messy. With its silicone seal, it easily locks up moisture, while the secure, wide opening, allows you to have fresh wipes whenever you need them. The flat, slim design means that this dispenser can fit almost anywhere, while the built-in strap is a perfect addition that can be attached to your stroller, or anywhere else! The inner spring makes the wipes pop out pretty easily, while the secure snap lid will still keep them in place, moist and fresh. The Skip-Hop can hold up to 25 wipes at once and it’s made PVC and phthalate free. Another great thing about this product is its translucent case that just won’t let you forget how many wet wipes are remaining inside!

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Is it Safe to Use Wipe Dispensers For Baby Wipes?


This is a very common concern of newbie parents, and it’s not constricted only to baby wipe dispensers, but to all kinds of products meant for babies. But, to answer your question, yes - some more than others. This is definitely a very justified concern, considering how gentle babies are in their earliest months of life and how their skin can often get easily irritated and absorb pollutants from their environment (much more than regular, adult skin). Simply put, the stuff that won't cause any harm, even a superficial one on our adult bodies, might just be the culprit behind that diaper rash or allergic reaction that seems to have sprung out of nowhere. But, overall, baby wipe dispensers are safe to use on babies. Most of the baby wipe dispensers are made from plastic (you can also find ones made from organic materials, but it’s rarer) - this means that when you set to buy one, you should make sure it’s free from the usual suspects that sneak up in various products made of plastic, chemicals such as PVC, BPA, and phthalate. These chemicals are ubiquitous when it comes to plastic containers, so you have to be extra careful when you look for one. This way you’ll manage to add that little extra protection for your baby’s skin by preventing the wipes stored in the wipe dispenser absorbing some of the nasty stuff on them and then ending up on baby’s delicate skin.

What Kind of Wipe Dispensers Should You Look For?


Dispensers come in different shapes and sizes, are made from a bunch of materials, and if we could be as straightforward as possible, we’d answer this question as whichever kind best suits your needs. You just need to take special care of the materials used in its design (be mindful of the chemicals often put in plastic that we mentioned above), and also whether they fit the dimensions of the baby wet wipes or baby cloth wipes that you prefer to use at most. But, here you needn't worry too much, because nowadays most baby wipe dispensers are made to comfortably hold almost all brands of wet wipes out there.

How Many Wipes Do Wipe Dispensers Hold?


This is, of course, dependent on the size of the dispenser. Some dispensers can hold up till a week’s worth of wet wipes (like, for example, the Wipe Warmer and Baby Wet Wipe Dispenser by hiccapop that’s present on our list); some, more travel friendly ones (the OXO Tot, as well as the Skip Hop) can hold around 25 pieces, and others, even more practical for parents that tend to move a lot throughout the day, there are also cases with zippers (The Buti-Bag Company) that hold around 15 wipes at a time. If you need a dispenser mostly for the nursery, then it’s a good idea to get a bigger one (like the Ubbi and hiccapop ones), that also has a night light for those late night diaper changes, and even a little window through which you can see how many wipes you’ve got left in the dispenser. Nothing beats practicality!

Will a Baby Wipe Dispenser Fit into my Diaper Caddy?


Most baby wipe dispensers will fit without a problem into standard diaper caddies. As we said earlier, baby wipe dispensers are designed to withhold most standard wet wipes dimensions and they will fit in some of the departments of a diaper caddy. Dispensers on our list vary somewhere between 1 x 1 x 1 inches, 4.5 x 3.8 x 8 inches and 7.5 x 5 x 1.5 inches in size.

Can I Use Them for Something Else?


Baby wipe dispensers don’t necessarily have to be used just for storing wet wipes, although that is their primary purpose. Once your little one becomes a bigger one and stops to wear diapers, you’ll see that it’s not actually that hard to find another purpose to the wet wipes container. You can use them for storing your own wet wipes or makeup, and other accessories, but you can also leave it in your child’s room and store other items that they might need for personal hygiene inside. You can also store toys (great for small chunks that tend to get either lost or spread out throughout the room!), as well as crayons and the like. Nowadays they make the dispensers all the even prettier and stylish, so there’s no reason why it shouldn’t stay in the room once it has fulfilled its initial purpose!





Baby wipe dispensers may seem like a trivial and unnecessary item to the unversed parent, but trust us, make one diaper change in your life and you’ll see how wrong you’ve been to think that. Baby wipe dispensers are a much-needed item, we might as well say even a staple one, in a baby’s nursery. These containers will make sure your wet wipes are neatly stored in one place, always fresh to the touch and thus usable at any time and occasion when needed, which also means that you won’t be forced to quickly throw away wet wipes that have already dried out – with these dispensers that simply won’t happen. A bigger container is more suitable for a fixed place in a nursery, while a smaller one or a case with zippers are definitely ones designed for parents on the go and a must have if you happen to be one with a rather busy schedule.

Always try to search for ones that have a little window in front or are transparent, a very handy and thoughtful design hack that will always remind you how many wet wipes you’ve got left in it, so you never find yourself running out of fresh wipes! Consider also one with a night light for late night diaper change sessions – these will be most frequent in the first months. Weighted plates are another handy trick that helps keep the wipes even more orderly, so that’s always a plus when you find a dispenser with one (the Ubbi one on our list).

If your baby’s particularly sensitive of temperature differences, search one with an included warmer, like the hiccapop one on our list, that will also serve as another great trick for pacifying your little one when they’re fussy or restless about something – nothing like a fresh, yet warm stroke with a wet wipe on an irritated skin. And remember, with newer and better products you’re not just buying a simple container, but also an accessory for your child’s nursery. The great thing about these stylish containers is that they can be reused later on – whether for your own use of wipes or other personal hygiene products for you and your child, or as a container for your little one’s toys and other items that are essential for a nursery, yet so easy to get lost.

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