Ingredients You Should Steer Clear From When Buying Baby Skincare

So, you’re thinking about buying skincare products for your baby but don’t really trust the “natural” and “safe” labels?

You have every right to be skeptical when it comes to choosing baby skincare products since more often than not, labels are misleading and the products could contain ingredients that are not really safe for your little one. 

Baby wipes, shampoos, lotions, creams, and other baby skin care products can contain a high number of chemicals you should avoid as they can not only irritate the sensitive baby skin but also enter the bloodstream and cause negative consequences later on. 

Can you believe that in order for a product to have the “natural” label only a small amount of the ingredients need to actually be natural? This is why you should always read the ingredients one by one and ensure the safety of your precious one by buying non-toxic products without any harmful chemicals whatsoever.

We’ll list all of the ingredients you should steer clear from when buying baby skincare products, so bookmark this article in your smartphone or tablet and use it next time you shop so you know exactly which ingredients to avoid.

Fragrance (Parfum)

If you see the words fragrance or parfum in the ingredients, it’s almost surely created out of synthetic chemicals made from petroleum or coal- unless it’s specified that it’s a natural fragrance from the other safe ingredients in the product. Artificial fragrances can be found everywhere, from baby wipes and creams to baby powders and diapers.

Fragrances are the biggest allergens and irritants that can harm delicate baby skin, and can even cause respiratory and neurological damage later on. So even if the product is labeled “fragrance-free” make sure to read the ingredients just to be on the safe side.

Mineral Oil (petrolatum, paraffinum, parrafinum liquididum)

Mineral oil doesn’t sound that nasty, right? So how is it that this ingredient can be found as petrolatum or paraffinum on the ingredient list? Simply because mineral oil is actually a byproduct of processed petroleum. It doesn’t allow the skin to breathe or release toxins since it blocks the pores and acts as a plastic coating that suffocates it.

This is the right moment to tell you that some of the most popular baby oil brands contain only mineral oil, water, and artificial fragrances. And that’s right, we’re saying it’s best to stay away from these types of oils and use something more natural as a moisturizing agent for baby skin instead - like almond or coconut oil.

Parabens (every ingredient that ends in -paraben like methylparaben)

You might have seen the “paraben-free” label on most baby skincare products, and no wonder! Even though parabens are used in many products because of their ability to prevent harmful bacteria from spreading, they are basically dangerous hormones.

Parabens are neurotoxins that can cause skin irritation, hormone disruption, and are even linked to breast cancer. Make sure that whatever you put in and on your baby doesn’t contain any parabens since they seem to be everywhere nowadays, from food to skincare products.


If the baby product doesn’t contain any parabens, it might contain phenoxyethanol since this chemical is oftentimes used as a substitute for parabens. It can cause skin irritation and is linked to vomiting and diarrhea, and even damages on the nervous system (yikes).

Sodium lauryl (ether) sulfate (SLS, SLES)

Do you love your new shampoo because it foams up so well? Unfortunately, it probably contains SLS as this is the synthetic substance responsible for the continuous formation of bubbles. It’s linked to skin and eye irritation, allergic reactions, even hair loss, so when can safely say it’s best to avoid it just in case.

Polyethylene glycol (PEG)

PEGs, just like many artificial fragrances and mineral oil, are petroleum-based ingredients that can irritate the skin. These compounds are used due to their moisturizing abilities but also because they help the skin absorb the skincare product in question. 

But did you know that PEGs can sometimes be contaminated with carcinogenic compounds? Imagine that slowly being absorbed by your baby’s skin.


Talc is a mineral that can be found in countless cosmetic products, and unfortunately, in baby powders as well. It’s a possible carcinogenic and can certainly cause lung problems if your baby is exposed to it for longer periods of time, so if you use baby powder make sure that it’s talc-free.