Newborn Checklist: A Guide to Baby Essentials

The time before your baby’s arrival is a time full of happy expectation and joyous moments of preparation, but it can also, at times, be a period burdened with stressful moments. 

Trying to juggle all the big and small details of having everything you need by your side when your little one finally comes into this world is no easy feat. 

Whether it’s breastfeeding accessories, or nappy change basics, toys, safety equipment for your home, or necessary preparations around the weekly bathing ritual,  our checklist will cover all the baby essentials your baby will ever need. (as well as a couple of additional tips and info on how to keep track of their own bodies for the new mommies out there). 

This guide will also be helpful for parents who’ve already welcomed their little nuggets, but are still struggling with all the necessities in keeping them safe and well in their earliest months of life.

Essentials for Your Newborn

There are a number (and we mean a number!) of things that need to be taken into consideration, so let’s get started with this newborn checklist!


Everybody needs clothes, and newborns (even though they’re so tiny) are no exception. Buying clothing for your little one is probably one of the most fun activities you can do while expecting, with so many varieties and cute designs of baby outfits nowadays! 

Plus, you’ll probably always need more clothes than you think, so it’s a good idea to buy a couple of additional items in your first shopping batch, just to be on the safe side. 

Also, it wouldn’t hurt if you buy slightly bigger clothes – even if they’re too big in the first months, you’ll baby will definitely find a way to fill them up as they grow up!

The baby essentials that you’ll need for your little one are the following: 

(note: these are an approximate number of items that can serve as a guideline – you can, of course, adjust them to suit your budget and needs)


Whether you’re using disposable or cloth/reusable diapers, these items are indispensable in the earliest months of parenting. Keep in mind that with disposable diapers it’s better to first buy a smaller amount so that you you see if they fit your baby and that they won’t cause irritation; after you check out which brand suits them best you can go on and buy a bigger batch (buying in bigger batches is usually cheaper).

These are the baby essentials if you’re using disposable diapers:

For best disposable diapers, check out our list here.

If you’re using reusable/cloth diapers:


Feeding your baby is an activity that may seem easy, but it still requires a couple of stuff that are pretty necessary to make the breastfeeding easier and more comfortable both for you and your baby, especially if you’re using a breast pump, either occasionally or full-time. When it comes to feeding, a newborn checklist should include: 

If you are formula feeding:

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Always keep track of your posture during breastfeeding – this helps keep you safe from sore back, neck, and arms, and it also provides a better latch for your baby, which can prevent sore nipples, and we all know no mother wants that. 

Also, don’t forget to regularly take prenatal vitamins and supplements while expecting, but also during breastfeeding – they will help to ensure the healthy development of your baby’s delicate body and mind, and keep in check your own changing body as well. Check out our guide on the best pregnancy vitamins for more info. 


While infants’ bathing times usually begin with the good old top and tail at first, it won’t be soon before long that they start enjoying their weekly baths – and as all parents know, maintaining good hygienic habits is crucial for the baby’s proper and healthy growth.

Baby essentials for a safe and enjoyable bath-time:

Sleeping Time

Bedtime routines are also one of the most important elements in keeping your baby healthy and happy throughout its development. It’s usually advised that your little one sleeps in your room for the first 6 months. Afterward, it’s okay to start considering moving them into their own room. If you want to decorate your baby’s room, make sure to leave enough time for the paint-fumes to evaporate, so it’s best to do it before they arrive. 

Some of the essential stuff that you’ll need for your little one’s cozy den are:

It’s always a good idea to have more bedding layers because if it gets messy during the night, you can just remove the top layer and pop your little nugget right back to bed.

If you find your baby has sleeping issues, don’t hesitate to check our article on the causes of baby sleep problems, as well as some practical solutions, tips and tricks on how to resolve them! 


A safe home is a number one priority for a newly arrived baby, as well as one that’s just starting to crawl and walk and is super-curious, learning about their ways throughout your home. That’s why it’s always a good idea to be extra-sure that your house is baby proofed - even before your little one is born. Depending on your needs and the nature of your home, there are several baby essentials to consider:


A newborn checklist isn’t a proper one without baby toys! Toys are items that you’re going to need more and more as your baby grows, and they’re also items that are gonna get more complex in the way. But, a good bunch of options to start with, for babies aged 0 to 6 months, is:

Prams, Buggies, and Carriers

Both parents and babies enjoy walks outside, but babies get all the benefits with being pampered by looking at the world from the safety and comfort of their prams and buggies. What you need to consider when getting these accessories is that your baby needs to have a completely flat posture in them so it can help their spinal development, as well as support their neck and head. That’s why you’ll want a model that will fully recline.

Besides the pram itself, you’ll also need several other accessories such as:

Car Seats

If you own a car you’ll have to get a baby car seat, even before they arrive. For newborns, the group 0+ is the one you’ll need – this will last around 12 months of age. You can also get the one that’s 0+/1 which will last a tad more, up until they’re four years old.

A couple of baby essentials to have in mind when buying and adjusting a baby car seat:

While this newborn checklist is by no means exhaustive, we hope it’ll serve as a starting point for your next shopping trip for baby-welcoming essentials, making it fun and enjoyable, as well as budget-friendly!