The Best Mommy Blogs of 2019

It has to be admitted - motherhood is a tough job, filled with countless big and small efforts and sacrifices that often go unnoticed. We won’t exaggerate if we say that it’s a full-time job on its own, which we’re sure, as much as moms love going through, it’s definitely not without its stressful situations and hair-raising instances.

That’s why it’s so important never to forget that even a little support can go a long way. And luckily, we live in a time where you can get this kind of acknowledgment and understanding from the online community as well. Various forums, websites and online platforms have been very helpful in providing an outlet for new and expecting mothers. Blogging is one of the most successful of these online platforms - it has become a very popular and easy way of coping with the stresses of motherhood, as well as sharing good times and showing new ways of how to have fun. However, it has also been a very successful medium of connecting with other mothers everywhere in the world, with the goal of offering compassion and a platform for mutual exchange of ideas, where women can share all kinds of advice and experiences connected with motherhood. 

Nowadays you can find tons of blogs out there that approach being a mother from different perspectives. And as enticing as that is, it can also be rather tiring, especially when you think about the sheer magnitude of them.. That’s why we wanted to write an article where we compile this year’s best blogs, covering various topics and aspects of the whole motherhood experience. 

This means that from now on you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the rest of this article, hoping that right after you’ll jump into browsing our picks of the best mom blogs of 2019. 

Hop on! 

Most Popular Mom Blog - Scary Mommy

This is arguably the most popular mommy blog currently on the internet. And it’s got everything: the reputation, the saviness, the smarts, the funny, the serious and the little less serious. And because it’s so versatile, it’s a blog that will satisfy even the most delicate of tastes out there! 

Its beginnings can be traced in one mom’s personal blogging adventure which turned into a huge platform for sharing all kinds of info, sometimes only loosely connected with the hard and wonderful task of having kids. Now it’s got a handful of writers that make sure they cover everything you’ve ever been interested in or everything you might potentially become interested in concerning motherhood. 

Video blogs on how to ease your way through pregnancy, marriage advice, articles on body image, beauty tips, how to better live your life - it’s all there. If you’re looking for inspiring stories to awaken the motivation for building a better world for your little darlings even further - it’s there! 

Or just want to find something really funny that has happened to a mother, and maybe even to you, and laugh out loud - it’s also there! 

And because this is a space with a lot of writers and a bunch of different opinions and points of view, you may not always find stuff that you agree with. But don’t let that take you away from this wonderful page, even if you occasionally do stumble on some topics that you might deem controversial. It’s good to let in new opinions and enlarge the perspective on motherhood a little bit more - after all, that’s one of the reasons why these kinds of blogs exist at all! 

Best Green Lifestyle Blog - Mamavation 

With all the choices that were offered in our local stores and all the info circulating online on what to eat and what not, it’s easy to get lost in all the voices surrounding us and actually forget how to go green. 

Leah Segedie, the mom that’s behind Mamavation, is one such person that was eventually tired of all the noise surrounding healthy living, as well as the significant lack of information, so she did the one thing remaining to be done - she started writing a blog of her own. 

Everybody starts from somewhere, and Leah is no exception - like many other moms out there, she was also once on the bottom step. The desire to help her own family go green got transferred to a bigger desire of wanting to help other families as well. And what better way to do it and reach as many people as possible than the internet? 

It’s always easier to go green when you apply the lifestyle to the whole family, without having to do it just by yourself. And Leah has done just that - helped many families to live a cleaner and more healthy life, raising awareness on ecological and healthy food issues in many households, as well as bringing together a whole community of moms who want to support other women in doing similar stuff. 

And which parent doesn’t want their child to be healthy and eat well? As we all know, food is one of the main tenets of overall good health. 

Furthermore, this blog doesn’t only stick to organic themes! There’s plenty of other stuff to browse as well! Lots of useful tricks and tips on how to deal with your kid’s allergies in public places, such as restaurants for example, as well as lots of recipes and tips on how to make healthy stuff that isn’t full with sugars and other unhealthy ingredients. 

You can also find some info on canning your own vegetables, making a homemade shampoo, and also tips on how and where to buy organic food on a limited budget. 

If you want to bring some serious changes to your family’s lifestyle, don’t waste any time and go check out this blog right now!

Best for New Moms - Rookie Moms

This is a blog largely oriented towards first-time moms who are just as terrified of the experience of taking care of a new, tiny creature, as much as they are excited and happy. 

In the earliest days and months of being a mom, you’ll probably find yourself asking a whole bunch of questions like ‘is my baby breathing right during sleep’ or ‘how can I know if they’ve had enough food’ or ‘how can I soothe my tired face’. Whether you’re struggling to find out if you’re doing a proper job as a first time mom (don’t worry, we’re sure you are!) and if you’re looking for tips and answers to make it easier for everybody in your household, then this is definitely the blog for you. 

You can browse for info on various products for babies, advice on how to deal and improve the condition immediately after giving birth, called the postpartum period. You can find tons of stuff about pregnancy - covering both the prenatal period, as well as the upcoming breastfeeding one. Also, there’s a whole section on lots of different baby info neatly organized by age, so you can easily choose and search for advice and tips according to how old your little one is! You can also read personal stories, some of which you will relate and some which you can feel compassionate about. 

Lead by two very charming ladies, who are also friends in real life and live almost house to house, you can be sure this blog will feel as intimate and caring as talking to your best friend. 

Raising Children With Special Needs - Love That Max 

This might just be our favorite blog on the internet. Founded by Ellen Seidman, a mom of three that decided to open a blog about the life, love, and challenges she’s been facing in raising a special needs child. 

Parents of children with special needs often face challenging situations that parents of able-bodied children usually don’t have to deal with. This makes the parenting job a little bit tougher than it usually is, which means a little extra help from the internet is more than welcomed. The Love That Max blog offers just this kind of space which will make you feel less alone and more connected with parents facing similar issues all around. And when you feel overwhelmed and tired, this kind of belonging can sometimes mean the world. 

Ellen’s little darling, Max, has cerebral palsy, which is why she’s been so committed and vocal about raising awareness of this condition and others like it, as well as providing the support other moms with special needs children always crave for. 
Here you can find various articles that will greatly help the everyday lives of kids with special needs and the moms that take care of them: from Ikea furniture for disabled people that you can print on 3D printers, day in the life of an autistic child, to a guide on smartphone apps that’ll make everyday tasks easier for children with intellectual disabilities. This is indeed a blog that has been very thoughtfully and carefully organized, updated very frequently and taken care of by Ellen, a working mom of three kids that just wanted to share a story with the hopes of helping others as well. 

Funniest Mom Blog - My Life Suckers

Deva, a hilariously funny mom of two, is the creator of this blog which tries to have fun with all the hard and not so desirable situations that arise in parenthood, sometimes even on a daily basis. By creating parody videos, often by reusing popular songs that almost everybody knows, or by doing sketches, she’s poking the right amount of fun at what a mom’s life looks like. Lots of her videos have gone viral which says just how popular they are with moms everywhere! 

This blog will serve as the perfect reminder that sometimes it’s good not to take the parenting life too seriously! Of course, at the end of the day you will take appropriate care of your little darling, but finding the funny moments and making the less enjoyable ones more enjoyable is sometimes all the spark you’ll need to keep you going further with the mommy business without losing your mind in the process! 

Deva’s also got a YouTube channel to which you can subscribe and check out her latest videos. 

Literature Oriented Mom Blog - Literary Mama

Founded by a group of moms in 2003, this blog has definitely been around for long enough to gain enough credibility and also provide you with lots of content you can trust and get delighted by. 

With monthly issues of fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, various essays about motherhood and reading/writing, book reviews, as well as profiles of writers and artists that are also mothers, this blog will satisfy the tastes and hearts of the more literature-oriented moms everywhere. What’s more, this blog also includes special-themed issues where you can also include your husband’s interests in writing about being a father, as well as your child’s perspective, and other family members if they’re particularly fond of writing. The Literary Mama devotion to writers is supported with motivational essays, calls for submissions, and craft-related resources.

Publishing new and emerging writers, along with the already established ones, this intensive editorial review will make sure you’re reading only superb, superior content that’s been carefully selected for its depth and imagery concerning motherhood.

Best Single Mom Blogs 

Being a single mom is a parenting challenge taken to the next level. Wonderful and extremely hard in some instances, it’s important to have an extra outlet both for compassion and commiseration. And because there are a bunch of really lovely single mom blogs that cover different aspects of being one, we’ve decided to include a couple of them that really stole our hearts. 

Single Mother Ahoy

Lots of single moms have really heartbreaking and soul-shaking stories to tell, and Vicky Charles is definitely one of them. 

Vicky is a domestic violence survivor and a single mom for seven years now. The wonderful thing about her blog is that she hasn’t been afraid or ashamed of talking about her past, thereby encouraging a lot of women in similar situations to do the same. 

Going through, as she called it, “a life-changing nervous breakdown”, she recounts that being a mom is actually what helped her fully recover from it. This kind of raw, unfiltered honesty, coupled with a bunch of positive attitudes and advice is just what a lot of moms need in extremely hard circumstances that they sometimes happen to find themselves in. 

You can also check out The Life of a Single Mom, a blog founded by Jennifer Maggio, a young single mother, that has gone through situations of abuse, homelessness, and multiple teen pregnancies. She also has a non-profit with the same name, aiming to help other struggling single moms out there to quickly get back on their feet. 

Wealthy Single Mommy 

It’s a good title for a blog, isn’t it? Founded by a working single mom, who also happened to be raised by a single mom herself, this blog is the ultimate proof of how things can actually work out. 

Emma Johnson is a mother of two wonderful kiddos, who’s actually started her blog with the intention of connecting with other working single moms. She gives advice on parenting, relationships, finance, success, business, you name it! Here you can find lots of info on how to combine schedules and finances and finally make them work. 

Divorced Moms

It’s quite clear that nobody that gets married has a divorce in mind in the beginning. But life takes us on different routes, and before you know it, you can find yourself somewhere you haven’t initially considered. 

A divorce can be tough on both the mother and the child. And this blog does a very fine job in being a resource for support for moms that are dealing with a divorce and also have to somehow help their children cope with it as well. If you’re currently in a similar situation, don’t worry - here you can find advice, insights, and tips on how to deal with the stressful situations in all the points of the divorce journey. 

Best Working Mom Blog - Working Mom Magic

This mother of two, with a career in TV news production and public relations, is definitely the go-to working mom blogger if you’re a mom feeling overwhelmed with juggling career, family and that always insatiable desire for free time and sleep! 

But this fun-loving, creative mother is a proof that it can all be done, appeasing your occasional frustrations and comforting you in those times where you’re on the edge of losing your mind. This blog will tell you it’s okay to want to have it all - a career and a family, although it’s not always going to be an easy journey. 

But, whether you need a compiled review on the best parenting books, or school fundraising trips, college savings plan, the right ways to ask for a raise, some self-care advice, or just adorable family anecdotes with which you can easily connect - this blog’s got everything! You can just sit back, relax and see how it’s all been done before!