What to Write in a Baby Shower Card

Baby showers can be one of the most joyful and fun times in an expecting mother’s life. Baby showers are the perfect occasion to celebrate and mark that special period in a woman’s life where she’s carrying a little person inside of her. The baby shower is exactly what its name suggests - a downpour, a torrent of support, care and love from the nearest and dearest people in the mother’s life. 

Whether you yourself are also one such mommy and are invited to another baby shower’s party, or you’re just a very happy friend or relative, you’ll certainly want to leave an impression with your gift and/or card. And we all know how meaningful and heartfelt those little gestures of attention can be, the ones such as gifts and lots of well-wishings and messages, carefully and thoughtfully composed for that special occasion and that special person they’re directed to. And, of course, when it comes to cards, it’s very important that they don’t sound like they’ve been done on the go and without any feeling and intent. That’s why in this article we’re gonna go over the best lines and practical advice on what to write in a baby shower card, and also how to formulate it so the excepting mommy knows it’s really coming from your heart. 

What to Consider First 

Baby shower cards messages and sentiments can be very versatile, coming in different styles, phrases, shapes, and sizes. Faced with all the possibilities of expression, we know how hard it is to begin writing, especially if you’re a person that’s not that used to writing such stuff. 

Have in mind that baby showers are also different from one another and that their tone and general atmosphere will vary from shower to shower. Crafting the right style will depend on several factors, among them most importantly the relationship you have with the expecting mommy, but also your own personal style of writing, which is something that nobody else can imitate and this is one of the things you should definitely capitalize on when writing that baby shower card. 

It’s always a good idea to take a second, closer glance at the invitations and try to uncover the particular details of the shower. A lot of the times you might, in fact, find yourself invited on a couple’s baby shower, and you’d definitely like to come prepared with an address to the other partner as well. 

Next, we’re going to go with a step-by-step guide on how to write your best baby shower card to date! 

How and Who to Address in a Baby Shower Card 

Okay, so let’s start from the very beginning. What is most important here to consider in the first place is actually the relationship you have with the mommy-to-be, aka the guest or host of honor. 

If you’re close to the expecting mother, then it’s totally okay to be less formal in your greetings and use the mother’s first name, a nickname if she has one, or even a name that you use together, only the two of you, that is a sign of the particular closeness of the relationship. You can be sure that this kind of thing would really leave a unique mark on the baby shower card! 

If, on the other hand you’re not as close with the mommy-to-be or maybe the whole tone of the shower is meant to be more on the formal side, then it’s a good idea to even mirror the style of the invitation and use the expecting mother’s full name when addressing her in the card. 

As we mentioned earlier, sometimes couples throw a baby shower together. In that case, it’s best to mention the names of both parents, while the same rules apply as before: if it’s less formal use nicknames or first names, and if it’s more formal and you’re not as close use the full names and last names in your address. 

Regardless whether you’re writing only the name or both the name and last name, we also recommend that you throw in the good old ‘Dear’ before the names themselves, followed by a comma after the name or full name. This will give the card an extra elegance and care, while at the same time leaving it both formal (if you’re aiming for that), and not as formal. You can also use the more general ‘To’, also before the name and last name. 

Thus, the address should look something like this: 

Starting off with the proper tone of address in the beginning of your baby shower card is rather important and can affect the whole experience of reading the text further, as well as set the tone of what you have to say. That’s why it’s always a good idea to think more about what kind of shower it is and how you relate to the mom-to-be. 

The Core of the Baby Shower Card

The next thing we need to go over is what the baby shower card is really about - conveying a heartfelt message that will touch the hearts of the expecting parents. The core of the baby shower card is mostly about conveying good wishes while doing it sincerely and naturally. 

If you happen to know the parents-to-be more intimately and are closer to them, you can always start with an anecdote or a joke (you could go for an inside on as well!), or maybe even a personal story that revolves around the three or two of you. Whatever it is, as long as it’s an event, a joke, a thought or a feeling that you’ve all shared at one point and that connects you with the event of expecting a baby. Personalized cards and sincere wishes that come with them are very treasured by expecting parents and seem to have a special place in their hearts. If you really have trouble starting or are struggling with some passages in your card, you can always look at some nicely crafted examples that’ll easily get you started and fuel that engine of creativity we know you have it deep down in you! 

Some examples would be: 

If the hosts of the baby shower are a religious couple, maybe you’d like to use some religious phrasing in your message, which might sound something like this: 

If you want, you can always make a special part in your baby shower card where you address the baby, talk a little about what you wish for in their life; you can also mention their parents and give them an insight into how you see them - it’s guaranteed that they find this hilarious and heartwarming when they’re older and their mom recalls her wonderful baby shower. Moms and dads themselves are sure to be very flattered by this gesture as well and would love to share it later on with their child! 

How to Sign Off Your Baby Shower Card

A baby shower card wouldn’t be complete without its three-part structure. The signing off part is similarly important as is the addressing one. In this part, you’re basically finalizing the baby shower greeting and well-wishing, all decorated with a sincere closure where you also state the identity of the card-writer, aka yourself. So be careful not to forget that part! 

Here the same rules apply like in the addressing part - more neutral phrases for the formal occasions and relations with the parents and warmer and more expressive ones for the more intimate occasions as well as closer relations with the parents-to-be. 

Nevertheless, signing offs are probably the easiest part of the whole baby shower card text. Here are some examples you can choose from for your next card, split in formal and informal ones: 

More formal ones: 

Informal ones:

With this, we conclude our guide on what to write in a baby shower card and hope we’ve made it a lot easier for you when the next baby shower comes. In the future, just follow these simple steps and advice and you’ll see how your greetings card writing talent will shine right through!